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Birthdate:Oct 30
At some point many years ago, my anger at all the bullying and hierarchy in the world turned into fascination with the ways modern humans try to control each other. To try and figure out what makes us do it, I've lived and worked in five countries, met people from many more, and read everything I came into contact with. I studied politics, economics, and even biology and chemistry. Then I got a law degree and passed the Illinois Bar so I could see the guts of our own system first-hand.

My conclusion is that we are purging free will from our species. We create ever-more-structured environments for ourselves as our cities become more crowded and the corporations that employ us grow bigger and bigger. Obedience has become our most important survival skill. Because of this, I feel we are all doomed.

This is not a typical blog. It has a very specific purpose. I am reaching out to those who might understand that we're on the brink of losing our own identities as pressures slowly cook us into societal soup. I offer no solutions; my hope is only that once we recognize what's happening, we can find a way to stop it or slow its progress.

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